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About Us

      Ruojin  is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the printed and solid fashionable fabrics with a variety of woven & knits products such as chiffon,satin,yauyo,dobby GGT,cation checks,composite chiffon, single jersey,interlock,French terry,rib ,rayon/cotton voile and so on…… which are exclusive and competitive in many respects in China Textile City.

      Ruojin  offers an irresistible range of printed and solid fashionable fabrics that are highly versatile and aesthetic in outlook. The company keeps upgrading its product range to regularly provide its customers with a wide variety of products and designs to choose from. All our print artworks are drawn by skilled designers with years of experience in our own artwork studo so as to keep or create the most exquisite and unique print products for own customers.

      Ruojin  has a firm and long-standing support and cooperation relationships with many printing and dyeing factories which are all well-qualified with high quality and big capacity of bulk production after so many years’ experience of continous printing and dyeing production. All of these can ensure us to offer our customers high quality products with a short and rapid delivery time efficiently.

      Ruojin  will continuously offer our customers high quality fashion fabrics and service ,and aims at developing new & innovative designs and fabrics to cater to the increasing demands of the international market.